The Art of Chinese Living: An Inheritance of Tradition” is a combination of words, images and life. The Chinese people’s wisdom and art are presented in the seasonalorder background of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The author uses an encyclopedic arrangement to depict a brand new map of a cultural life and sincerely promote family values ​​and environmental wellness. The content of the text is an exploration of an attitude of life and its relationship of the inherited culture. The work receives many attention after its first publication, not only it was original a fundraising project to establish a new university in Taiwan, but also for its rich content which has embraced many of the important living Chinese culture. “This volume of books is a gift to all the Chinese people, as well as all people who cherish the culture and love life,” says Mrs. Yao.

Ms. Xiang Yao grew up in Taiwan and is the mother of three children. She is also a professional woman. She is a senior partner of KRIS YAO | ARTECH, manages the administrative and public relations for the firm. She started the “An Inheritance of Tradition” project during the years when her three children were leaving home to United States for universities. The volumes are also her tender reminders to her children not to forget their inherited culture. She spent 5 years to finish all 270,000 words, and accompanied with a large collection of exquisite photos and graphics. The books are truly a favorite by many readers.